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About us

In 2017, we were commissioned to carry out a unit costing amongst voluntary and community organisations in one of London’s richest boroughs. Through this work, an analysis of participants’ actual costs compared to what they were being funded showed just how dire the situation was.

With the smallest VCOs being disproportionately underfunded (some receiving as little as a quarter of their actual costs) it was no wonder the leaders of these VCOs were burnt out, unable to grow their income and were often working for little or sometimes no pay. Scarily, most leaders had no idea how underfunded their services were. In the absence of any understanding of their unit costs and hence charge out rates, this meant that even when they were securing income, they were over-promising, and as a result lost money in the delivery of that project or service.

It became evident from this work that our methodology for calculating unit costs should be user friendly, thereby empowering sector leaders to have confidence in their organisation’s finances and enabling them to make more informed management decisions that would ultimately assure financial sustainability.

Enter Ampacc…

Why this matters to us

At Clear Thinking Consultancy, we have long known – and this has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic – how some of the smallest, most at-risk voluntary and community organisations are so effective at reaching the most vulnerable sections of our society. We believe that the only way to realise our vision of enabling communities to thrive is by ensuring that the those who are supporting the most disadvantaged are themselves thriving, not just (barely) surviving. In this way we can reduce some of the alarming inequalities that exist and start to contribute to a more level playing field.

We believe that a thriving voluntary and community sector = thriving communities

Meet the Ampacc Team

Kita Ikoku

Kita Ikoku

Kita Ikoku leads on sustainable funding for Clear Thinking Consultancy and the development of Ampacc.

David Blagbrough

David Blagborough

David is an advisor to Clear Thinking Consultancy and provides strategic guidance and advice to further the development of Ampacc.

Firefly IT Systems | Try and Ikenna
Firefly IT Systems

Ikenna & Troy – Firefly IT Systems

Firefly IT Systems was set up in 2018 to make IT and digital more accessible to those who may use it less in the course of their work. From project to financial management, Firefly prides itself on developing easy to use, cost-effective tools that help businesses flourish.

Infused Learning | Nat & Tara

Nat & Tara – Infused Learning

Infused Learning is an award-winning not-for-profit training company, established in 2014, that delivers bespoke training to businesses and individuals. They have combined specialisms in financial training and excel to support the development of Ampacc and continue to ensure that it meets the needs of our clients.

Find out more about how Ampacc can support your charitable organisation to become more financially sustainable with a free 45-minute consultation.